About Us

Our Company

Denix Corporation is very proud to have become one of the pioneers in property development management to date. Our seasoned staff has specialized in the management of some of the finest home communities in the GTA and beyond. This company has been the operator of an impressive body of work including the Jefferson Court Project*, Harris Project, Bayview Village Project, Maple Grove Project Phase One, Maple Grove Project Phase Two and King Road Project. Our partner Zonix has proudly collaborated as owner and developer of the Maple Grove and King projects.Since our establishment in 2012, our team has actively strived to continue to provide quality and personalized service to every project that we encounter. To further guarantee buyer satisfaction, Denix goes the extra mile in providing an additional service of obtaining development and building permits on behalf of interested companies, eliminating the frustration involved with procedures, protocols and red tape. Guided by a philosophy that places mutual benefit as a central method of operation, Denix Corporation also offers great opportunities to investors who are interested in making intelligent financial decisions. We welcome the support of entrepreneurs who share in our company’s passion as we continue to build our expertise and provide unmatched satisfaction in empowering our associates to take control of their financial lives. Our brand promises unwavering commitment to always deliver performance and to exceed all expectations. We build structures and relationships to last!

Core Values



Our commitment to “people first” is woven throughout our organization. Never forgetting that our business decisions impact people’s lives, we infuse fairness and professionalism into all that we do.


We believe the best work is done side by side, striving for shared goals. We treat business relationships as true partnerships.


We are constantly planning, innovating and improving to deliver today’s innovation for tomorrow’s success. We invest and reinvest to ensure the health and longevity of our company and employees.

Our Mission

At Denix we strive to acquire and develop properties while committing to the use of innovative ideas to help our shareholders and communities grow. We promise our dedication to the development of our employees both personally and professionally and to apply our knowledge of the industry in upholding the highest possible standard of service in all of our business affairs.