Jefferson Court Project

Set in an exclusive and tranquil residential area, this unique collection of 90 luxury town homes and stacked units is situated within the area near the intersection of Yonge Street and Jefferson Side Road in Richmond Hill. These outstanding residences will feature 2.2 acres of tasteful and appealing design offering an array of well constructed townhouses and stacked units. Homeowners will have the option of enjoying the outdoors from their private rooftop terrace or along the pedestrian-friendly pathways and surrounding parkland and green spaces, which conveniently extend into the nearby Viva/YRT bus route. This project was sold under the management of Dormer Inc. during its development in 2014.

Located in a tranquil residential area within the town of Richmond Hill, this new development area plans to span over one acre of beautiful suburban land. The Harris Avenue project will comprise 3 single detached units on tastefully landscaped lots and will back onto a natural ravine to further compliment the green space. Local amenities are accessibly located a few minutes from the site, expanding the reach of convenience for Harris Avenue’s future residents. At present, this community is undergoing some changes to better accommodate the construction of the proposed development.

The newly envisioned Maple Grove Avenue: Phase 2 is a development project expected to comprise two lots with a combined acreage of approximately 2.2 acres that will contain 11 single detached houses. The site will directly face Maple Grove Avenue, situated in the upscale community of Richmond Hill. With a wonderful mix of luxury and prime location, Maple Grove Ave is flanked by the major transit route Yonge Street to the west, making navigation simple and convenient for both public transit and driving commuters. Located within close range to amenities, this site is well positioned to facilitate modern family living in a tranquil suburban community setting. The development at Maple Grove Avenue: Phase Two will embrace a distinctly traditional approach to the design, in accordance with current design trends in traditional residential architecture. The area will also feature a streetscape conforming to current urban design and green space for added aesthetics. This recent addition to the Denix portfolio is due to begin construction in the months ahead.

With an increased demand for living options in the GTA, Denix is pleased to offer a residential community to cater to the northern region of Richmond Hill. This peaceful area will be the home of a new development project and will offer 6 semi-detached houses and 4 townhouses on 0.7 acres of land. Conveniently situated at a short distance from Yonge Street, residents will enjoy a hassle-free commute via the nearby arterial route to access amenities at the neighboring plazas for running errands and the like. The King Road residential area is currently in the process of making adaptations to accommodate this project.

Denix Corp. has managed the development of an assembled pocket of land fronting Maple Grove Avenue, in the town of Richmond Hill. The focus of this development is to create a balanced, yet intensified project which is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood and that provides modern, local low-density housing to the wider community. The site comprises 18 single detached houses containing four bedrooms per unit, arranged around a new municipal roadway. These lots roughly measure 3.5 acres. Four lots front directly on to Maple Grove Avenue to complement the established and well landscaped existing streetscape. Maple Grove: Phase One conforms to a traditional approach to the design of the various house styles. This site was sold under development in January of 2017.